LGBTQ Training Resources


NEA-National Diversity Training Program

These trainings are part of NEA's resources on human and civil rights issues in education.

  • Minority Leadership Training Program
    Provide members of NEA's four designated ethnic minority groups (American/Indian Alaska Native; Asian/Pacific Islander; Black; and Hispanic) the skills they need to be effective leaders in their schools, communities, and the Association.  Contact: Pamela Rios Mobley at or (202) 822-7727.
  • National Diversity Training Program
    NEA views the diversity that exists among our members, staff, students, and communities as a great asset for public education and works to maximize this asset through the National Diversity Training Program. Contact: Patricia Wright at or (202) 822-7334.
  • National Training Program on Safety, Bias, and GLBT Issues
    Designed for all members, this training is particularly geared to those committed to addressing bias regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Workshops teach members how to create a safe school climate for students and staff. Contact: Paul Sathrum at or (202)-822-7787.
  • Social Justice Training Program
    Rooted in the vision, mission, and values of NEA, the Social Justice Training Program aims to help members create just and effective learning environments. Contact: Patricia Wright at or (202) 822-7334.
  • Women’s Leadership Training Program
    Thousands of Association women leaders across the country have participated in the Women's Leadership Training, designed to meet the needs of emerging and experienced Association leaders. Contact: Pamela Rios Mobley at or (202) 822-7727.

Human Rights Campaign Diversity Training on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues

The HRC Human Resource Management survey broke diversity training into several categories: anti-discrimination raining, diversity awareness training, cutural awareness training, diversity management/leadership training, diversity knowledge/skills-based training, or dimension-specific workshops.

Apart from having an inclusive equal employment opportunity or non-discrimination statement, employers need to communicate these policies to all of their employees. But, in doing so, many employees will require guidance with basic information:

  • Who does this affect?  The non-discrimination policy applies to everyone, including employees, job applicants, customers and clients.
  • What are we talking about?  What do the terms "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" mean?  How do those terms apply to everyone?
  • Why does the business care? Explain the business rationale.  For example, "we want all employees to feel safe and comfortable so they can be productive." What laws come into play?
  • How does this affect us?  How should we acknowledge people who differ from ourselves on these characteristics?

Preferably, most diversity training is done proactively, and many employers opt to go into greater depth with managers. However, employers may find an issue arise within a particular worksite or workgroup that requires follow-up.

Brian McNaught: Understanding and Managing Gay and Transgender Issues in the Workplace

A four part series from renowned diversity trainer Brian McNaught with a facilitator's guide, available for purchase on DVD.

Gay Alliance - Safe Zone training

The Gay Alliance’s SafeZone program was created to develop, enhance and maintain environments in workplaces, schools and other social settings that are culturally competent and supportive to LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) individuals, as well as straight, cisgender people who care about diversity, equality and inclusion. Our SafeZone Train-the-Trainer Certification Program is offered twice a year in our hometown of Rochester, NY. This program can also be brought to your campus or workplace to create a sustainable SafeZone Program after we have left. As one of the oldest LGBTQ organizations in the country, few organizations have our experience or our expertise.

  • Can be customized to meet the needs of any organization.
  • Interactive session that includes activities and discussion around: inclusive language, the process of coming out, the power of the straight ally, understanding sexual identity, how to respond to homophobic/transphobic incidents, where to go for help and much more.

Request a Presentation:

  • Training on LGBTQ and ally issues available in the Rochester/Western New York area
  • The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley (GAGV) has some great training programs. They have visited many local schools to do trainings. The link above has more info.

Diversity Resources (LGBT Training, LGBT Workplace Issues, Gay Sensitivity Training)

LGBT Training – Essential For Your Workplace. With increasingly diverse workplaces, it’s essential for your team to receive appropriate training. This includes sexual and lifestyle diversity. To succeed in business today, your teams need training in LGBT workplace issues, awareness, communication, respect and more.

LGBT and Gay Sensitivity Training – Variety of Tools.
Different people learn better with different tools. At Diversity Resources, you’ll get the appropriate resources for your training needs. Enjoy our selection of tools for LGBT training, from DVDs to streaming, from print to online and e-learning.

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