NYSUT Social Services

We at NYSUT know your life is complicated, busy and full. Unexpected complications arise which can be managed by having a positive course of action, the right information, and/or help from a caring professional.

Let NYSUT Social Services assist you. Email us at socialservices@nysut.org.

  • The Emotional Edges of the Pandemic Languishing

    As we move past vaccinations and the possibility of increased freedom during this pandemic, many are finding themselves anxious and or indifferent about moving forward.One may be asking yourself the question: “what is wrong with me?”   
  • VIDEO: Tele-counseling - Current Challenges in Working with Students and Families

    To assist providers in staying connected in the time of COVID 19, NYSUT’s Social Services department hosted a webinar providing information on the challenges of telecounseling with students and families. (90 minute video)
  • What is NYSUT Social Services?

    NYSUT Social Services is a confidential benefit offered to all NYSUT members - retired and inservice. When you call us, one of our highly trained and experienced staff members will discuss your unique situation and concerns.

  • What can Social Services do for you?

    Our staff has a broad scope of knowledge and extensive referral resources. You can tap into these resources just by giving the office a call.

  • Categories of Service

    Social services provides referrals for elder care, elder housing, health issues, psychotherapy referrals as well as other services.
  • Q&A: Composite Case Illustrations

    A parent becomes forgetful. A sibling loses a mate. Get questions answered on these and other scenarios, and find out how NYSUT Social Services can help.

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