NYSUT's strength as well as its pride is in the diversity of its membership. That's why the union is proud to offer a wide array of programs, services and information that address its members' unique interests and issues.

  • Member Guide

    What every NYSUT member should know. Find out how your statewide union supports you with resources and services.

  • NYSUT Member Benefits

    In addition to voluntary programs available for purchase or use by individual members, NYSUT Member Benefits also endorses group programs available for purchase by local associations, their benefit funds and employers.

  • Education & Learning Trust

    Offering a wide array of courses and seminars for professional growth or certification purposes, ELT's professional learning is based on best practices, current research-based strategies and real-life applications with the model of members teaching members.

  • Disaster Relief

    Your union is committed to helping members in times of need through its Disaster Relief and Scholarship Fund.

  • Discounts and Services

    Use this page to unlock the secret links and codes for additional discounts and savings, available to you online just for being a NYSUT member. Login required.

  • Social Services

    We work with agencies and providers in your community to help you manage life's unexpected complications.

  • Career Center

    Resources, job search, layoff guide and more.
  • It's What We Do

    NYSUT members go above and beyond on the job every day. Share your story.