About NYSUT Retirees and Retirement

NYSUT Retiree Services Program

NYSUT has one of the most active and successful union retiree programs in the country. The NYSUT Retiree Services Program, part of Program Services, was established by NYSUT to help its retirees organize and to act as a service provider for those retiree groups. In an effort to better serve the growing number of retirees, 11 Retiree Services Consultants have been hired to serve members in the field.

The NYSUT Retiree Services Program provides printing, mailing and other communications services; plans, develops and coordinates regional membership conferences; provides support for retiree council meetings; provides communication and logistical support for NYSUT Legislative & Political Departments lobbying activities and rallies; publishes a quarterly newsletter; answers post-retirement questions; and helps obtain speakers and programming for retiree councils and chapters.