June 2011 Issue
June 02, 2011

Site lets members, public acknowledge 'what we do'

Author: Frank Maurizio
Source: NYSUT United

NYSUT members — and those whose lives they affect every day on the job and in the community — can share their stories on a new union website launched last month.

The "It's What We Do" site parallels a series of radio ads the union began earlier this year. In those ads, and on the new website, members' stories are told to remind New Yorkers that NYSUT is more than a large labor organization; it is 600,000 individuals who — every day — perform their jobs with the highest level of excellence and commitment.

"NYSUT members make a difference in the lives of the people they serve, whether it is in a classroom, on a college campus, in public service or in the community," said NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi. "It's important that New Yorkers be reminded that our members are their neighbors and friends, and are the professionals who educate their children and keep our communities healthy."

"It's What We Do" — http://itswhatwedo.nysut.org/ — profiles NYSUT members through words, photographs and, soon, videos. It also offers visitors the opportunity to blog. NYSUT members can tell a first-person story. Parents and grandparents, neighbors and residents can discuss their experiences with their local schools and those who work in them.

The site includes a "Myth Versus Fact" section to debunk misinformation about educators, other public-sector workers and unions; a "Kudos!" area that lists awards and honors earned by NYSUT members; and Facebook and Twitter components that encourage stories and discussions about the outstanding educators and other NYSUT members who touch the lives of so many New Yorkers.

Iannuzzi said members should sign on to the site, and disseminate it to colleagues, friends and family.

"We're giving our members — and those who support the work that they do — an opportunity to share the good news and the success stories that, too often, get overlooked, or worse, disparaged," Iannuzzi said. "We invite all of our members to be regular visitors and contributors, and to tell New Yorkers: 'This is what we do.'"