June 2011 Issue
May 26, 2011

NYSUT offers resources for educators working with ELLs

Author: Sylvia Saunders
Source: NYSUT United

With ever-increasing numbers of English language learners being educated in classrooms around the state, NYSUT is offering three new resources to help educators and parents.

The three publications, which range from a fact sheet to a booklet produced with the New York State Parent Teacher Association, can be downloaded from the NYSUT Research and Educational Services' ELL Web page: www.nysut.org/cps/rde/xchg/nysut/hs.xsl/k12_13765.htm.

All three items were developed by teachers serving on NYSUT's Statewide English Language Learners Committee.

  • "Debunking the Myths of English Language Learners," is a fact sheet designed to counter some of the common misconceptions about ELLs to help educators better understand the needs of this diverse group of learners found in our schools.
  • Another fact sheet, "Guidance Regarding Implementing Response to Intervention with English Language Learners," contextualizes the information on ELLs contained within the NYSED Response to Intervention guidance document, so general and special education practitioners not formerly trained in second language theory, may gain a greater understanding about ELLs and RtI.
  • "Yours, Mine, Ours: English Language Learners in New York State" is an ELL parent booklet created in collaboration with the New York State PTA.

This guidebook provides ELL parents with information they need to help their child succeed in school.

It can also serve as a helpful resource for community-based partners as well as for educators not formerly trained to work with ELLs. The ELL Parent booklet will be available in a Spanish language version later this year.