June 2011 Issue
June 01, 2011

Comments on Facebook

Source: NYSUT United

From the elections, to impending education layoffs, to teacher evaluations, there's a discussion going on at www.facebook.com/NYSUTUnited. Join in, or just give a shoutout to your NYSUT colleagues. Here's a sample of what they're saying on Facebook:

As current teachers retire, we need to replace them with the best of our young people. This will require competitive salaries with other professionals ... you get what you pay for!"

Nancy Elizabeth O'Reilly

Let's keep reminding them that "We are One!"

Heather King Tillman

On the layoffs of 708 of his Yonkers colleagues: only rationale must be that the 'leaders' in this city want the schools to fail in order to blame the teachers for their own incompetence, break the unions and privatize education while beginning a campaign of misinformation and outright lies about our willingness to negotiate. I have real fears for the future of our country."

Marc Pekowsky