Union Victories
September 11, 2023

Celebrating workers’ rights at Labor Day events

Source:  NYSUT Communications
labor day parade
Caption: Union leaders at the labor parade in New York City.

NYSUT proudly marched in Labor Day parades across the state this past weekend.

Our leaders and members were among thousands of union members in New York City for the annual Labor Day Parade, we attended Union Strong Night with the New York Mets, and we represented at events from Buffalo to Albany.

Each event was a stunning show of solidarity as workers from all industries united to stand up for workers’ rights, fairness and a better future for all.


'Thoughts on this Labor Day.' By Melinda Person

NYSUT President Melinda Person also offered her thoughts on Labor Day in a recent blog post:

"We routinely acknowledge and celebrate what makes unions great, especially on Labor Day, but this year, I have been thinking a lot about what this day means to me, personally," she said.

"Our saving grace was my dad's union job. No matter what happened with my mom's job, we knew our family would be alright. It was my dad's union job that enabled our family to thrive. And it's my father's pension and health insurance in retirement that sustain my parents to this day. It's why they don't have to feel like a financial burden to their children or feel weighed down by financial uncertainty.

"That is the most essential thing unions do: support working people and families so they can not just survive, but actually thrive."

You can read her entire piece here.